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What is Robotic Process Automation?

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a software technology that makes it easy to build, deploy, and manage software robots that emulate human’s actions interacting with digital systems and software. Just like people, software robots can do things like understand what’s on a screen, complete the right keystrokes, navigate systems, identify and extract data, and perform a wide range of defined actions. But software robots can do it faster and more consistently than people, without the need to get up and stretch or take a coffee break.


What RPA is and
what it is not


Potential RPA


Initial use case &
define success


Solution for initial
use case


Results & document lessons learned


To next use case and repeat pilot, measure & expand steps

The Benefits

Robotic process automation streamlines workflows, which makes organizations more profitable, flexible, and responsive. It also increases employee satisfaction, engagement, and productivity by removing tedious tasks from their workdays. RPA provides organizations with the ability to reduce staffing costs and human error. RPA is non-invasive and can be rapidly implemented to accelerate digital transformation. And it’s ideal for automating the workflows that involve legacy systems that lack APIs, virtual desktop infrastructures (VDIs), or database access.

Where to implement?

  • Call centre operations
  • Claims administration
  • On boarding employees
  • Help desk
  • Data migration/entry and forms processing
  • Support the sales process
  • Scheduling systems
  • Credit card applications
  • Expense management
  • Pulling data from multiple websites to find the best deal

Robotic Process Automation

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