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Sahara Solutions and Services LLC

A M Vasudevan (Venu)

Ex-Country Manager, Air France KLM, Oman & Yemen

A one-stop shop solution to all business process related problems in Oman. Effective solutions for small/medium corporates like mine, helps to automate otherwise time-consuming and expensive processes and increase overall profitability.

Sahara Solutions and Services LLC

Manoj John

Director, MOP LLC, Muscat, Oman

When Oman introduced VAT, I was nervous about the filing process as it seemed complicated. I wanted a VAT solution that was straightforward to use and I found that Sahara Solution’s VAT Solver very much met my needs.  All in all, very painless and I would recommend VAT Solver for easy tracking of Input and Output VAT and therefater, to calculate net VAT payable/receivable.

Sahara Solutions and Services LLC


Finance Manager, Dadabhai Travels and Tours LLC, Oman

I worked with Sahara Solutions and Services for their Accounting Solutions. When I spoke with the team, they showed me how an accounting solutions could help me to operate the business more efficiently and effectively. I don't think I could have done that part of my work without their guidance.

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Sahara Solutions and Services LLC
Sahara Solutions and Services LLC